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A Man of Many Thoughts

I’m a man of many thoughts
I listen to them
Looking back
We heard their story
Another year of lies
Another year of character assassination… さらに102語


Beginner's Guide - Start-Up Cost of Airsoft

How much does it all cost?!

So you are currently looking into starting airsoft for the very first time! However, all you are bombarded with on social media is players suited up in their operator loadouts, carrying guns with customised sights, lasers and all the rest of the gadgets. さらに1,778語


The Fall of Hollywood Studios?

The adventures of Hollywood Studios over the years have been quite a rollercoaster. From the odd gift shops, to the vastly different food experiences, the minuscule number of rides, the everchanging atmosphere and overall theming of the park, hardly ever is it anyone’s favorite park; unless you’re a big Gertie fan or you cannot live without waiting in standby for over an hour for Tower of Terror. さらに923語


CHRIS BROWN: Accused Of Rape In Paris

Chris Brown was detained by police in Paris last night after a woman filed a rape complaint.

Brown, along with his bodyguard and one other person, were taken into custody after the 24-year-old woman accused them of assaulting her inside a hotel room last week after they met at a club. さらに17語

Fasho Celebrity News

Mary Queen of Scots

Writer: Beau Willimon

Director: Josie Rourke

Despite spending 18 out of every 20 seconds at school studying the Tudors, my knowledge of Mary Stuart was limited before viewing Josie Rourke’s masterful directorial debut, … さらに943語