Easy Setup

When you signup, we automatically fill your site with the pages a city typically needs, like Property Taxes and Parks & Recreation. You just fill in the blanks.

Simple Sharing

Automatically share city news on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Yahoo! with one click

Event Calendar

Display a list of upcoming community events, pulled from a Google Calendar feed.

Budget Friendly

We take care of all of the hosting and maintenance, so you can focus on communicating with your constituents — no IT staff needed.

Streamlined Communications

Let anyone subscribe to your city’s announcements and regularly receive e-mail updates — it’s the 21st-century phone tree.

Photo and Video

Easily create stunning galleries showcasing your city and city events.

Plenty of design options

We have 380 themes to choose from, many of which can be personalized for your city with your own logo, background image, and custom color scheme.

Upgrade your site with our premium plans.

Add a premium bundle to give your site that extra touch.

Boost your site and save.

Get a great deal on one of our upgrade plans and supercharge your site in one step.

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